Common mistakes you should avoid if involved in an auto accident

A car accident can cause pain and, in some cases, permanent injuries. Luckily, you can file an auto accident lawsuit or insurance claim to help you cater for costs such as lost wages, medical bills, and suffering and pain. However, the steps and decisions you make after the car accident can significantly impact your claim value or your eligibility for compensation.

Therefore, it is important to seek the services of an experienced and reputable car accident lawyer who will advocate and fight to secure appropriate compensation for damages as quickly as possible.

An experienced car accident lawyer will assist you in avoiding the following common mistakes after an auto accident.

Failure to call law enforcers to the accident scene 

Some victims fail to call the police when involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, in some states, the law requires that you report any accident that involves bodily injury, death, or property damage of over five hundred dollars.

Moreover, the police report is proof that the auto accident happened. Therefore, the other driver, the insurance company, or the culprit’s lawyer may have difficulty denying your claim when law enforcers come to the accident scene, investigate, and file a report.

Leaving the car accident Scene 

Whether you cause the car accident or not, you erode your integrity and potential damage claim when you quit the accident scene. Anyone involved in an auto accident should stay at the accident scene, exchange information, and assist the injured in getting the required medical attention. Leaving an accident scene when injury or death happens can result in prison time and fines.

If You are not sure of what to do, you should contact a car accident lawyer from the accident scene. Nonetheless, you should not leave. Proving fault is important in securing a settlement for injuries. Therefore, an accident attorney will use the accident scenes to support your claim.

Failure to seek immediate medical help

Often insurance companies will try to reduce the victim’s claim value or deny claims by arguing that the accident victim’s injuries are not serious or the victim had previous injuries. However, having a medical expert examine you soon after an auto accident ensures that any physical injuries, discomfort, or pain are part of a medical report. Moreover, some auto accident injuries do not show symptoms immediately.

Admitting Fault

Lawyers and insurance companies thoroughly investigate auto accident claims to uncover facts to shift some blame or determine liability. If a driver admits fault, he or she assists the other party. Admitting fault is equivalent to taking a financial liability for all the damages in an auto accident. Therefore, it is advisable to let your lawyer and law enforcement uncover the facts of the accident. Even in circumstances that you think you are at fault, you could end up sharing liability.

Failure to gather evidence

Some accidents can be so severe that the victim is unable to collect evidence. In such cases, law enforcement agents gather evidence for report filing. However, when car accidents happen, and drivers are not seriously injured, it is advisable to collect their evidence.

Victims who fail to collect contact information, obtain witness statements and take scene photos to force their insurers and lawyers to rely on law enforcers’ reports.

Accepting the first compensation offer

Insurers do not fancy paying claims. They will often try to reduce the financial burden to the minimum. One of the tactics they employ is to propose a quick compensation to victims. Usually, the offer is low but sufficiently tempting to victims struggling with finances due to a car accident.

An experienced car accident lawyer can negotiate a better settlement.