Why Do Some Truck Accident Claims Go To Trial?

Getting involved in truck accidents can only lead to a lot of confusion. If it was not your fault, it is a certainty you will want to pursue some sort of financial compensation so that you can take care of your injuries and you can cover the property damage that appeared. Fortunately, the law allows you to pursue your injury claim for compensation and the truth is there is always the possibility that the claim will end up in trial.

Do you need to go to court for a truck accident? Things are not that complicated.

Most Truck Accident Claims Settle

An overwhelming majority of the truck accident injury claims will settle before reaching the trial phase. Actually, the more correct thing to say is that cases end up settled before the lawsuit ends up being filed in the first place. However, this does not mean that this will happen with all these injury claims. Some do end up in a trial.

Several factors are going to impact if the truck accident claim is going to trial or not. Let’s discuss the most common ones.

Why Do Truck Accidents Reach Trial Phase?

Some truck accident injury claims are going to reach the trial because of things like:

  • Denying liability – When the defendant in the truck accident injury claim denies responsibility and/or liability for your losses and injuries, you most likely end up having to go to trial to resolve your problems. In the trial, it will be a jury or the judge that is going to rule and decide who is liable and if you should receive compensation.
  • Several parties could share fault for what happened – If there are several parties responsible in the truck accident claim, the case is going to be complicated and there is definitely a higher possibility the case will reach trial. This is common if the several parties at fault do not agree on how much responsibility they each share for the incident. This is a dispute that needs to be settled with the intervention of the courts. The claim can also reach trial phase in the event that the defendants end up arguing that you do have some fault and responsibility for your injuries based on your actions.
  • Severe injuries – When the truck accident victim suffers severe injuries, expenses and losses end up being substantial. The amounts that end up being discussed are much larger than regular injury claims. Since the possible compensation is greater, the other side will most likely want to try the case in a trial so the verdict is going to be better. In such a situation, it is a certainty you need the help of a truck accident attorney.

To sum up, the truck accident can reach the trial phase because of several different reasons but if this happens, it is really important to have someone in your corner who can help. Look for the very best truck accident attorney you can find so that you can get protection in the case and get the financial compensation you actually deserve. If you try to go to trial alone, the results can only be very bad for you.