Things to Know About Investor Visas

Did you know that you could enter the US legally through an investor visa program? These programs are set up to improve the US economy through foreign direct investment. Investor visas are strictly limited and have strict requirements. For example, only 10,000 EB-5 visas are granted each year. Therefore, consider researching investor visas Houston TX.

Investment Requirements

Prospective EB-5 investors are currently required to invest $900,000 in under or undeveloped areas with higher unemployment rates or $1.8 million in areas with low unemployment. A prospective visa holder should create a new business, expand a current business by adding offices in the US or invest in others’ already established businesses that create at least 10 jobs for US citizens and those who can legally work in the US. Jobs the investor or the investor’s family take are not included in this job requirement.

Regional Centers

Regional centers offer investment opportunities for those who do not want to start businesses. Instead, they become silent investors in real estate and other major projects that require significant investment from multiple individuals. The job creation requirement is fulfilled through these investments.

Regulations Change

The current visa requirements are subject to change. In fact, the investment amount has changed over the course of the investor visa programs and may soon increase again.


The investor visa recipients can pursue permanent residency and even citizenship after a period of time. In addition, investors’ family members are given green cards to work within the US. However, some visa programs only allow minor children to move to the US with their parents, and these children must leave the US when they become adults unless they are granted other visas.

Different Programs

Investor visas come in different formats. For example, EB-5 visas offer clear paths to citizenship, while E-2 and L-1 visas mayo not. The different investor visa programs also have different renewal requirements. For example, an E-2 and L-1 visa can be renewed indefinitely every few years, but an EB-5 visa may only require one renewal before a permanent Green Card is issued.

Investment Origin

Before your visa is granted, the US government will review your finances. They will track where the money for your investment came from. It must have come from legal sources. It can be money you earned, inherited or given to you. In fact, the most common reason a visa is denied is that the investment money was not obtained legally or could not be traced properly.

If you are interested in investing in the US economy and working in the US, consider consulting an immigration attorney.