Lifestyle Impact of Criminal Records

I wish there was anything good to say in light of holding a criminal record, but sadly there is not.

The rights you are protected by the United States Constitution can be stripped away from you once you have been found guilty of a crime.

You will no longer have the right to vote and participate in our democracy. If you are young, you may not appreciate that privilege now, but you will learn to value your right to vote when you want to be heard.

Depending on your criminal record and its terms, it will restrict you from moving to certain states. This closes a lot of doors for your future and puts limitations on your lifestyle choices.

Your second amendment right to own a firearm to protect yourself will also be taken away from you.

Among the gun violence within our society, laws and regulations are trying to protect citizens from potential threats.

Job Opportunities

Not only does holding a criminal record prevent you from having a fulfilling life, it is a huge barrier for job opportunities.

Although employers are not supposed to be biased against convicted felons, the reality is that most businesses will not hire ex-convicts. The best opportunities you’ll have are low-paying jobs, and even those are not all-inclusive.

Nowadays with the internet, it is effortless to run a background check on job applicants. Background and mugshot websites crawl the internet for public records and publish them on their online platform.

The best way to remove it is to submit a content removal request, but expect to pay a fee. The problem is that you’re not only dealing with one website but hundreds of other unknown sites.

Because public information is available to the public, a person’s criminal record, arrest information, and mugshot can be accessed by these websites.


Lovelife is already tricky and has enough problems in itself.

There is a negative connotation around holding a criminal record, and because of that, most people are not open to date someone with a criminal history.

Although it is not impossible, adding a criminal record into the mixture of issues makes it significantly more challenging to find someone.


Think twice about breaking the law. It is just not worth putting your life in a permanent hole.

If you find yourself backed into a corner and don’t know what to do, you might want to take legal action and expunge your record.

If granted an expungement order, your case will be completely removed from state and federal records. Permanently erasing the event as if it never happened.

If legal action is not an option for you, minimize the damage by removing as much of your negative online content as possible.


Erase Mugshots was launched to offer anyone and everyone a removal solution. There are no eligibility requirements; this means everyone can remove their past criminal history.

Give yourself the best chances in the future (i.e. Job Seeking, Credit Loans, etc.) arrest records will always be accessible at the government records depot and local courthouses.

However, that does not mean they have to be accessible through a basic Google search.

EraseMugshots offers a total removal solution to arrest records and associated mugshot images online. All projects are 100% money-back guaranteed, which is detailed in our Statement of Work.