Lesser Known Facts About Injuries Caused By Pets

Most people think that laws pertaining to personal injury are only applicable to incidences, such as accidents or medical neglect. But it is not. Many other kinds of damage, too, are covered under the purview of this law. One such lesser talked area is that related to injuries caused by pets.

It is estimated that nearly one out of every five dog bites turn into an infection. Complicated cases require costly medical procedures and other kinds of expenses. In such cases, you can file a dog bite lawsuit against the negligent pet owner or property owner. Nobody should have to suffer the pain, expenses and trauma from being mauled by another person’s dog.

Liability In Dog Bite lawsuits

Though the particulars related to dog bite lawsuits differ from state to state, the owner is held liable in most cases. However, the manner in which you have sustained the injury will be taken into account while settling the case.

If it is found that the bite was due to the negligence or carelessness of the owner, he or she is liable to pay the victim as per the damages caused. For instance, if you had lawfully entered a property and there were no appropriate signs to indicate the presence of ferocious dogs, then too, you can get compensated.

But if you had trespassed into the property or provoked the animal in any manner, then you are not likely to get any protection.

Local Statues Are Important

Another critical factor that plays a role in such lawsuits is the local statute. Local statute differs from place to place. If you have a lawyer to look into your case, he or she can check the local statute on your behalf. For instance, in some places, it is mandatory to keep all breeds of dogs leashed at all times.

So if the dog were roaming unleashed, the owner would be held liable, and it can be used to strengthen your case further.

Damages Covered Under Dig Bite Lawsuit

Your medical expenses are not the only kind of damage covered by dog bite lawsuits. All the other current or future costs that you have incurred will come under it. These may include future medical expenses, wages that you have lost, permanent damages, if any, along with rehabilitation and the mental agony caused to you.

Can Lawyers Help?

Many people feel that filing a personal injury case due to pets is relatively easy. Yes, you can file your lawsuit quite easily, but proving the charges can be quite tricky. The dog owner will try their level best to show that you are at fault.

In such circumstances, lawyers are a great relief. They can use various resources such as photographs and medical bills as evidence to support your claim. Apart from that, lawyers can also interview witnesses and use their statements as further evidence.

Incident reports are also used by lawyers to support the claims of their clients. In summary, it may be said that lawyers are much more adept at handling such cases. So they offer better insights than a person dealing with such an issue for the first time.

Now that you know these facts, you will know just what to do in such injury cases.