Can You Sue a Drunk Driver After a Car Accident?

Negligence drivers on the road cause serious injuries that leave many people injured or dead. Sadly, some people choose to drink and drive, which puts other people on the road at risk. Unfortunately, DUI is not a violation of traffic rules. It is treated as a misdemeanor crime with different regulations. So, when most people are involved in a car accident with the person at fault being a drunk driver, they don’t know what to do or the proper steps to take. The question is whether you can sue a drunk driver after a car accident. We will give you an overview of drunk driving accidents and whether you can sue the drunk driver.

What is the Cause of DUI Accidents?

When alcohol is in the system, it disables a person’s ability to control a vehicle or make rational judgments. This inability leads to drunk driving accidents that come with serious injuries or even death. In this case, the victim is left to pay for another person’s mistakes. In this case, we recommend talking to a DUI lawyer to help you understand your rights and seek competition outside the court.

Can I Sue a Drunk Driver for the Accident?

The answer is yes if you are wondering whether you can sue the drunk driver. You can claim the damages you incur after being injured by a drunk driver by following the correct procedure. You need to prove that the person behind the wheel was intoxicated. You must also show proof of injuries you incurred from the accident.

What You Should Do After the Accident

Whether you incur severe or no visible injuries, it is imperative to seek immediate medical care to ensure you are safe and protect your right to compensation. You will also need to gather evidence to support your claim later. Please take pictures and collect information about the drunk driver, including their name, license plate number, and the insurance company. It would help if you also recorded the condition of both vehicles immediately before the scene gets tampered with. Another vital thing you must do after the accident is to call the police. Make a report and a statement. You will need these things when proving fault in your claim.

If the person responsible for the accident was drunk, your lawyer could file claims against the nightclub where the person bought the liquor. However, you should know if the laws in your state allow this.

Generally, you have about two years from the day the accident happened to file a lawsuit. However, the time starts after you have known the extent of your injuries and other damages. Work with an attorney to review the law and let you know how much time you have to file the lawsuit.

Key Takeaways

These are common questions people ask when involved in drunk driving car accidents. We hope they have given you an insight into what it entails and why you need a lawyer to assist you. Drunk driving car accident cases and claims can be complicated. Therefore, gather everything you need, seek legal help, and educate yourself.