What are Employment Lawyers and How Can They Help

As much as you would like to maintain a professional dynamic with your colleagues, it sometimes cannot be helped that conflict will arise. Depending on how well you manage the situation, it can either be easily resolved or escalate to serious discussions with the higher-ups.

Some office violations are so severe that their penalty could be immediate termination. However, this assumes that the employee did commit the violation. What happens if the employee fights back this allegation, and what recourse could they take? For this, employment lawyers Toronto could help.

What is an Employment Lawyer

First of all, an employment lawyer is a law practitioner whose area of focus is labor relations. They provide legal advice not just for aggrieved employees, but also for employers that may need guidance in making sure they are abiding by the labor laws.

The objective of an employment lawyer is to make sure that everyone in the company is treated equally as much as possible, and that the employers are providing their employees with the proper working environment, in compliance with labor regulations.

Employment Lawyers Scope of Work

There are various types of cases that employment lawyers handle, including the following:

Contract Violations

An employment contract binds the employer and employee in an agreement that provides the terms and stipulation of the service to be delivered by each party. If any part of the agreement is violated, or if any requirement is not fulfilled, a corresponding action may be taken as recourse for correction.

Sometimes, however, the identified violation does not necessarily offer a clear black and white scenario, resulting in further conflict. An employment lawyer can step in to settle the differences, or to represent their respective client before the courts to show the case for their side.

Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination happens in the workplace when an employee is treated differently from the others based on certain distinct characteristics. These characteristics, as protected by law, include age, disability, gender, race, religion, and others.

An employee can file a complaint against the workplace discrimination they experience. In order for the case to progress, they must be able to establish a cause for action. An employment lawyer can help build the case to justify the compensation sought.

Sexual Harassment

Employees have the right to work in an environment free from fear for their personal safety. If an employee, male or female, feels that they are being subjected to constant harassment or being treated differently and disadvantageously on account of their sex, they can seek relief with the help of an employment lawyer.

Some examples of sexual harassment include making physical advances, requests for sexual favors, and any untoward physical actions or verbal communication.

If you’re facing a legal issue at work, consult with an employment lawyer to determine possible courses of action for relief.