Tips for Starting a Paint Store

Whether you are starting a retail store for painting needs from scratch or adding a paint department to your hardware store, there are some tips you can follow to make it more successful. In addition to having the right equipment and supplies, you will want to pay attention to what paint trends are growing and which marketing strategies work best.

The Right Equipment

Selling buckets of paint to contractors and do-it-yourself hobbyists can bring in big profits for your company, if you have the right equipment to mix and fill the buckets. You can start small with one shaker, one pail filling machine and one lid press for the color mixes that your clients want and then add to your department as sales pick up. Researching these items can give you the best deal in terms of basic functions, computer connectivity and even technical support. Many newer models will be able to communicate with a computer in your department to measure out the right amounts of pigments, monitor maintenance needs and much more. This connectivity can help streamline the process and make it easier for employees to meet customer needs.

The Right Trends

Sometimes it is trending to paint or repaint the exterior of your house and others a technique for wall texture is what everyone is after. Keeping up with these trends on sites like Pinterest is a good way to ensure that your store is stocked with everything customers are looking for. You can use some of the most popular pinned projects to design displays featuring the supplies needed. This creates an exceptional customer service experience in your store and can add to the educational resources you have available for customers and employees alike.

The Right Marketing

Marketing solutions can go the traditional route with newspaper, radio and television ads, and it can go the digital route by adding search engine advertisements, social media marketing and email newsletters. Regardless of which ones you choose for your paint company, however, you should market to both the public and to the professional painters in your area. Many home hobbyists will ask for professional paint recommendations for their projects and if the pros shop at your store, this will raise your business even further. This means networking with the pros in your area, determining what they are looking for in a vender and incorporating their feedback into your company.

Opening a paint store or department can be intimidating because of the amount of competition out there, but it can be done with the right equipment. You can then capitalize on the right trends and marketing to really raise your profits.